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4GreenResistanceFLatin Waves has been a labor of love, tilling the soil that nourishes the seeds of a world based on reciprocity, solidarity and love.  Deeply grounded and nourished by the support of radio stations across Canada and the USA. Our show has grown in its reach organically, mostly by word of mouth.

Latin Waves has surpassed its 10th year milestone, and we are very excited to be bridging our radio work into community based projects. Over the past ten years, Latin Waves has been a sponsor of many grassroots initiatives and conferences including Media Democracy Days, Cascadia Conference, The First Canadian Social Forum, Grassroots Media and the Public Banking movement just to name  a few.

We are collaborating with Patreons/members by offering educational workshops to archive our main goals of.

  1. Expanding our network of stations and online listeners as to provide the widest most diverse audience with highest quality independent programming that can inspire change.
  2. Educate as many patrons as possible and use proceeds towards outreach where we will do field work and run workshops with traditionally marginalized communities providing the tools and support to help people narrate their own authentic stories.
  3. Create an arts media institute where activist, environmentalist and change agents can come together to learn , produce and strategize ways to create a better world

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Join us in imagining, co-creating a path to a world with justice, reciprocity and solidarity among peoples. Latin Waves primary objective is sharing ideas that create possibilities in a world mired with crisis.

Reaching out to ask for your financial support via Patreon  allows us to maintain and  provide high quality content and expand our reach to communities across Canada and the USA while continuing our outreach and educational opportunities.